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Collector’s personal web sites.

  • If collecting Camel Zippos is your thing then this one is for you. A excellent reference site and well put together.
  • Paul Walsh, fire fighter and artist. Not a Zippo collector but has had some brilliant artwork put onto Zippos. I have all 16 of them in the collection.
  • Old and rare Zippos. Something for everyone here. Town and Country, Advertising and Viet Nam lighters.
  • A U.K collector and Zippo/Click member. I have watched Glens collection expand rapidly over the years. He has a good railway related section.
  • Zippofritz from Vienna has a nice collection of Zippo lighters and Mazzi collectibles. If you visit Vienna, get a tattoo off him as well.
  • Another U.K collector and Zippo/Click member. Can you spot a fake Zippo? Check Daves Rippo section, lots of hard work been put into it.
  • Paul, a Zippo recognised artist creates one of a kind Zippos and Martine puts her own artwork onto glass and ceramic. Some excellent work on display.
  • Manulito from Germany has created a very good web site. Go to the Zippo Events page for some photos from Zippo events.
  • Piotr from Poland has a nice collection that includes, at the last count, 26 different Venetian style Zippos,  This site is in Polish and English.
  • Jacques from the Netherlands has put a wonderful site together and he has a superb varied collection to view.
  • Robin and Dana have a stunning collection and they also released a book in June 2006 (Zippo Lighters Field Guide). ISBN 0-7385-1254-0.
  • Ken is a collector from the U.S.A. He has put together a excellent varied collection and has some interesting commercial ads and video stuff on his site.
  • Adrian is another collector from Poland. His web site is in Polish but it can be translated into English. Another good site.
  • Gianmario from Italy has an absolutely stunning Zippo by Mazzi collection. I have never seen so many Mazzi lighters in one collection, truly amazing.


Official Zippo web sites.

Zippo Manufacturing Company celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2007.

Visit their special Anniversary site: 75th Year


Collector’s clubs.