Zippo books.

Here are a few interesting books for the Zippo collector’s.


Published April 1997. (Hardcover)

ZIPPO - The Great American Lighter by David Poore. 217 pages packed with photos, history, price guide and dating information for both the lighter cases and inserts. Quite rightly considered by many to be the Bible of Zippo collecting. David brought out a second release in July 2005.

Published July 1998. (Hardcover)

The Viet Nam Zippo by Jim Fiorella. 192 pages. This is a must for the Viet Nam Zippo collector’s. Starts off with a description of what the war was all about, then goes on to give a valuable insight into what to look out for when purchasing a Viet Nam era lighter. Has an amazing gallery of lighters, both genuine and fake. Also shows the insignia of the units that served over there.

Published March 2000. (Hardcover)

Zippo Advertising Lighters: Cars and Trucks by Philip A. Taggart. 192 pages. Zippo lighters bearing automobile advertising are featured in this book. Logos and images from Ford and Chrysler to lesser known Bricklin and Tucker. Histories of the Zippo company and the automobile companies, and tips for the care and restoration of lighters.

Published March 2001. (Hardcover)

Zippo An American Legend by Avi Baer and Alexander Newmark. 192 pages of history, photographs, and a good section on Zippo advertising from the past.

Published October 2003. (Paperback)

Images of America by Linda Meabon. Linda is the Zippo Manufacturing Company historian. 95 pages packed with rarely seen photographs from the Zippo archives. This book was also released as a set complete with a Zippo lighter depicting the front cover of the book.

Published September 2004. (Paperback)

Zippo Lighters by Kristian Pope and Russel E. Lewis. 208 pages. This book was started by Kristian Pope and finished by Russel E. Lewis. It is a pity that Kristian Pope did not finish the book he started, perhaps more research of facts would have been done.

Published July 2005. (Hardcover)

ZIPPO: The Great American Lighter by David Poore. 214 pages. This is the updated second edition. Again this is an invaluable reference source if you do not have the first edition. You just have to remember that the prices of Zippo collectibles can and does vary significantly.

Published June 2006. (Paperback)

Zippo Lighters Field Guide by Dana and Robin Baumgartner. 512 pages. Written by two experienced collector’s, this pocket sized guide includes: vintage Zippo advertisements, current market prices and identification codes to help collector’s date their lighters. It has over 400 colour photos that illustrate the lighters. This field guide is sure to be a big hit with all Zippo collector’s.

Published July 2006. (Hardcover)

And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters by Michael Grimaldi. 208 pages. As the title suggests, this book focuses exclusively on the other products that Zippo have made. Written by a Zippo collector, this book is the result of twelve years of collecting and two and a half  years of research into the material covered. Over 600 images from the different product lines offered by Zippo. Includes sections on the product imprinting methods and finishes plus a look at Zippos World famous art department and Zippo Canada. Another book that will appeal to all Zippo collector’s.

Small paperbacks.

Two basic collector guides from Zippo. Both contain a dating chart and a little Company history. The guide on the left also comes in the Zippo ten lighter display/storage tins along with ten empty cases. See below.