Dedicated to the often crazy hobby of collecting Zippo lighters and anything else made or licensed by Zippo.

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My name is Frank and I live in Manchester, England. I have been collecting Zippo lighters and anything Zippo related for about five years. It all started with a couple of different Zippo lighters that my family had bought for me, then one day a colleague asked me if I had looked on eBay for any Zippo lighters, to be honest I hadnít even thought about it.

You have a lot to answer for Paddy !!!

This was supposed to be a nice little hobby to fill in a bit of spare time but that soon changed when it became an obsession, little did I know what I was letting myself in for: Zippo lighters, books, knives, key rings, pens, money clips, caps, sun glasses, t - shirts, pill boxes, magnifiers, and the list goes on.

Since that day I have spent thousands of hours on eBay and other internet auctions looking for single lighters to complete a set, full sets, collector series, and limited editions. In the early days I bought a couple of Viet Nam Zippos only to find out later that they were both fakes. That was one very expensive lesson and one that will not be repeated again. There are a lot of Viet Nam fakes constantly being listed on eBay, especially in the UK, so please remember this before you are tempted to bid on any.

I eventually joined a couple of Zippo clubs, the first one was the Zippo Click Collectorís Club, this is sponsored by the Zippo Manufacturing Company and I can honestly say the $20.00 I paid to join this club was money well spent, at the last count there were over 15,000 registered members world wide. The club has some very active forums and also their own auction site which can be a good source for some hard to find lighters.

Soon after this I joined the second club, the Zippo U.K Collectorís Club, this is not as active as the American Club, but still worth the £10.00 fee just for the joining pack alone. There are many other Zippo Clubs spread around the world and you will find links to these on the Zippo links page.

I now buy and trade with Zippo collectorís from around the world and in some cases I have waited weeks for deliveries only to decide when they arrived that I didnít really like them and ended up selling them off at a loss.

Now you should have some idea why I called this site: ZippoMania®

Have a browse around and if you find any broken links or have any suggestions or ideas to improve this web site please feel free to contact me on the mail link below.