Original 1933 Zippo lighter.

Collectors dream about owning an authentic 1933 Zippo lighter, but few ever have the opportunity to make that dream a reality. For the first time, Zippo took an original high polish chrome 1933 lighter from the company vault and put it up for bids at the 75th Anniversary Celebration auction.

This lighter had never been out of Zippo's possession. Distinctive features such as the longer length, sharper side planes, outside hinge, and square corners validate the lighter as a genuine 1933 Zippo model. The insert displays a claw-shaped cam characteristic of the first year of production. The high polish chrome finish is in very good to mint condition.

Winning bid - $37,000.00

The 75th Anniversary Celebration auction was held on 28th July 2007 at the grounds of the Zippo/Case Visitor Centre in Bradford, PA. USA. This lighter and many other one of  a kind, proto type, and limited editions were kindly donated by different companies and individuals alike for inclusion in this charity auction.

The previous highest prices paid for these early Zippo lighters were $18,000.00 for one that was sold at the 2004 Tokyo Swap Meet, and $22,500.00 for a 1935 outside hinge 14kt gold one that was sold on eBay in June 2007.